Gemini Jets 1:200

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Item # Description Price Remark Purchase
G2QFA050   Qantas Airlink Dash-8-Q400, "VH-QOU"  $59.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2CMP563   Copa Airlines ERJ-190, "HP-1540CMP" $75.00 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2AFO698   USAF Boeing KC-135R, New Jersey ANG, "23508" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2AAL703   American Airlines Boeing 737-800S Reno Air Retro, "N916NN" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2AAL704   American Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8, "N916NN" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2SIL709   Silver Airlines Saab S340, "N344AG"  $59.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2MXA232   Mexicana Boeing 727-200 Final Flight, "XA-MEE" $129.95 Limited  alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2HAL675   Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo, "N202HA" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2ASA693   Alaska Airlines ERJ-175 New Color, "N182SY"  $72.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2ASA696   Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900S, More to Love, "N493AS"  $85.00 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2LOT345   LOT Polish Airlines Embraer ERJ-175, "SP-LNE" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2AAL685   American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER New Color, "N719AN" $129.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2SWA686   Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700W Missouri One, "N280WN" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2WJA688   Westjet Boeing 737-8 Max, "C-FRAX" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2SWA689   Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8 Max, "N8705Q" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2BAW691   British Airways Boeing 757-200 Rendezvous, "G-CPEV"  $89.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2COA291   Continental Express Convair 580, "N73106"  $65.00 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2TWA367   TWA / AA Boeing 717-200, "N426TW" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2NKS681   Spirit Airlines Airbus A320neo, "N902NK" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2SWA682   Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800S, "N8653A" $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2DAL683   Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300ER, "N174DZ" $99.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2ACA684   Air Canada Boeing 787-9 New Color, "C-FRTZ" $135.00 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2ACA392   Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767-300W, "C-FMLV"  $99.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2AMX344   Aeromexico Connect ERJ-190, "XA-GAR" $69.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2EIN384   Aer Lingus Airbus A330-300, "EI-EAV" $135.00 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2UAL402   United Express CRJ-700, "N514MJ" $65.00 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2VRD678   Virgin America Airbus A321neo, "N921VA"  $79.95 New alert.gif (1971 bytes)
G2ACA673   Air Canada Airbus A321, "C-GJWO" $79.95 In-Stock
G2AAL631   American Airlines Boeing 767-300W, "N393AN"  $99.95 In-Stock
G2PAL628   Philippines Airlines YS-11, "RP-C1415"  $65.00 In-Stock
G2SAS656   Scandinavian SAS Boeing 737-800W 70th Anniversary, "LN-RGI" $85.00 In-Stock
G2NAX660   Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737 MAX, "LN-MAX" $79.95 In-Stock
G2JBU661   Jetblue ERJ-190 Aircraft Interior Livery, "N304JB" $79.95 In-Stock
G2JBU662   Jetblue Airbus A320 Hi-Rise, "N537JT" $79.95 In-Stock
G2FDX655   FedEx Boeing 757-200 Freighter, "N920FD"  $89.95 In-Stock
G2HAL671   Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717 New Livery, "N488HA"  $65.00 In-Stock
G2HAL670   Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 New Livery, "N361HA" $129.95 In-Stock
G2QFA653   Qantas Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, "VH-QAN" $129.95 In-Stock
G2ACA659   Air Canada Boeing 787-8 New Color, "C-GHPQ" $129.95 In-Stock
G2AAL629   American Airlines Airbus A320, "N117UW"  $79.95 In-Stock
G2AMX648   Aeromexico Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, "N183AM" $129.95 In-Stock
G2DAL637   Delta Airlines Airbus A350-900, "N501DN" $139.95 In-Stock
G2AAL633   American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, "N820AL" $129.95 In-Stock
G2UAL643   United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER, "N2331U" $129.95 In-Stock
G2AAL555   American Airlines Airbus A321, "N162UW" $79.95 In-Stock
G2AFR632   Air France Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, "F-HRBA" $129.95 In-Stock
G2UAL239   United Express Embraer EMB-120, "N229SW" $59.95 In-Stock
G2DLH590   Lufthansa Airbus A350-900, "D-AIXA"  $149.95 In-Stock
G2DAL582   Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400 "N668US"  $169.95 In-Stock
G2AAL503   American Airlines Boeing 737-800W in New Color, "N990AN"  $79.95 In-Stock
G2PAL578   Philippines Airlines Bombardier Dash-8-Q400, "RP-C3031" $65.00 In-Stock
G2VOI540   Volaris Airlines Airbus A321, "XA-VLH"  $79.95 In-Stock
G2DAL328   Delta Airlines Airbus A320, "N374NW" $79.95 In-Stock
G2DAL441   Delta Airlines Airbus A319, "N349NB" $79.95 In-Stock
G2QFA580   Qantas Airways Boeing 737-800W Retro, "VH-VXQ" $79.95 In-Stock
G2BAW541   British Airways Boeing 777-300ER, "G-STBG" $129.95 In-Stock
G2QTR477   Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER, "A7-BAC" $129.95 In-Stock
G2THT376   Air Tahiti Nui Airbus A340-300, "F-OLOV" $129.95 In-Stock
G2SWR382   Swiss International Airbus A340-300, "HB-JMK" $125.00 In-Stock
G2BAW542   British Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, "G-ZBJC" $129.95 In-Stock
G2TOM543   Thomson Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, "G-TUIA" $125.00 In-Stock
G2CEB2001   Cebu Pacific Airlines ATR-72, "RP-C7255" $59.95 In-Stock
G2AFO203   USAF Boeing C-17 McGuire AFB, "88199" $109.95 In-Stock
G2HAL299   Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200, "N381HA"  $129.95 In-Stock
G2QFA369   Qantas Airways Airbus A330-200, "VH-EBG"  $119.95 In-Stock
G2UAE371   Emirates Airways Airbus A330-200, "A6-EKR" $119.95 In-Stock
G2QFA438   Qantas Airways Boeing 767-300 Disney Planes, "VH-OGG"  $129.95 In-Stock
G2QFA443   Qantas Airways Boeing 737-800W Mendoowoorrji, "VH-XZJ" $75.00 In-Stock
GJVOZ476   Virgin Australia Airlines Boeing 777-300ER, "VH-VOZ" $129.95 In-Stock
G2CCA506   Air China Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, "B-2486" $149.95 In-Stock
G2QFA524   Qantas Airways Boeing 737-800W, "VH-XZP" $79.95 In-Stock
G2HVN532   Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, "VN-A861"  $125.00 In-Stock
G2KLM534   KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 777-300ER, "PH-BVN" $129.95 In-Stock

*  All Orders Are Shipped out on Saturday & Monday Only  *

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